Top 187 Ipsy Reviews

I somehow (against all odds?) had pretty great coverage. I did have to kind of press the brush into the pan with some pressure and swirl it around. I have stopped all subs but for $12 I just signed up again with Ipsy.

I was really excited to see this as one of the choice items. I have wanted to try it for a while now and it was the perfect opportunity. Even though they already included a bronzer in my bag I still wanted to get this.

I certainly don’t have almost $100 to plunk down on Murad items retail. The TrèStiQue mascara also from November plus bag has a built in eyelash curler. The entire thing is almost as big as a can of hairspray. I joke but it really is bigger than most mascara tubes.

Putting my incompetency aside, this is actually a nice bronzer. You can read my full review of it HERE. The makeup bags are pretty small, and they pile up after a while.

So often, my Ipsy posts have been reflections of how I’m doing that month. Some of my saltiest reviews came when I was not feeling so great. The value of this bag is impossible to track because two of the items were exclusive to Ipsy, but I’m very pleased with this bag.

I can see why this is one of the most popular beauty subscriptions on the market. The Glam Bag Plus features 5 full-sized products personalized for you from your beauty quiz. These products can be hair care products, skincare products, nail products, and of course, makeup products, depending on your beauty quiz results. The Glam Bag Plus also comes with a cute little makeup pouch each month.

I said no I dont want to wait 15 more days and was told they don’t issue refunds. I will not use them again nor will I recommend them to anyone. This is poor business practice in all areas. Ipsy charged me a total of $140.05 for ONE single “Glam Bag”, and three “refreshments” of razor blades that I never asked for and had no razor for. I was in contact with the company multiple times, and they simply just didn’t care.

The bristles are synthetic and duo toned giving it a very pretty look. Both the zipper pull and the inside of the bag are peach colored… giving it a little something else. I was so excited to get a coffee scrub as part of the October 2020 IPSY Glam Bag!

But I have been using a flat firm brush to apply my other powder foundation and that works to. My choice for Feb was the Beauty Crop brush and it said it is for powder foundation. The first thing I noticed about this cleanser was the amazing scent! It has a lot of tea tree, but it is balanced out with other softer and essential oil-like scents. It is a heavier cream and really clings to your face, pulling all of the dirt and makeup of the day off your skin with ease. I did think this left me feeling just a little tight, but nothing some moisturizer didn’t fix immediately.

Waterproof, melt-proof, midday run-proof, this insanely pigmented eyeliner is with you for the long haul . This multitasker doesn’t just enhance your lips, it nourishes them too. A combo of aloe, jojoba oil, and chamomile work together to soften and soothe your lips every time you swipe this on. A combo of plant-based antioxidants and omegas reinforce your skin barrier to keep moisture in and germs and bacteria out.