The Best I E, My Favorite Crossbody Bags

The Lo & Sons Pearlfeatures lots of pockets for organising your everyday travels, including a padded pocket for a mini-tablet. I actually don’t own an iPad, but I used it to put my Kindle reader inside. There’s a key leash so you’ll never lose your keys, plus pockets for a passport, pen, phone, lipsticks etc. If you want to see what fits inside, take a look at this YouTube video. Now that I’ve owned this bag for 9+ months, I can say with confidence that it’s made to last. The tough saffiano leather continues to look luxe with minimal wear, despite my banging it into doors / walls / chairs / trees.

It’s a structured bag, and doesn’t really flex like the nappa leather version seems to do. The crossbody strap is thin – I can definitely see this being uncomfortable if you really pack a ton into this bag. But if you’re only carrying a few things, it’s quite comfortable.

lo and sons pearl review

I initially tried the O.G.’s slightly smaller sister, called the O.M.G., which measures 16”x13.5”. However, the capacity feels significantly smaller than the O.G., so I see the O.M.G. as more of a gym bag or work tote than an overnighter. This handbag can hold a 16oz water bottle, or a point-and-shoot camera, plus all of your daily essentials, like makeup and money. You’d never know how much it can hold by the slim design! Nappa leather is smooth, natural grain leather, while Saffiano leather is scratch and water-resistant for durability. I love the Saffiano version of the Pearl because it holds its shape, even when I squish it into my luggage.

This Kate Spade cutie is great because it can also double as a gym bag, beach or laundry bag and is easily hand washable. I’ve had my eye on this bag for awhile as I’ve found it to be one of the better looking camera bags out there, but haven’t quite pulled the trigger yet. I hate when camera bags have to look like such, especially when as a travel writer I’m glued to my camera 24/7! This piece by Gatta seems to be a great option for combining both style and functionality without announcing to everyone in your destination that you are a tourist. When I’m traveling alone with SO, no kids, it’s usually a somewhat romantical thing, and while I’d be fine if he insisted on going through ahead, I’d be like, really, is waiting in line that bad? Because it really isn’t that big a deal to take off your shoes and jacket, the bigger deal is why it bothers you to do it.

It can carry just about anything and stay bone-dry at the same time. There’s plenty of style to go with the substance too. This is the bag I brought with me to India, and it worked extremely well as my main suitcase for a month-long trip in one designated destination. I also wouldn’t choose this bag if I was traveling for months on end to varying destinations that require different types of clothing. One reason why I love this bag so much is that it feels super freeing to rid yourself of shlepping luggage from one destination to the next.