Sea To Summit Spark Spii 28 Review

The other half is a pillow topper for added softness and warmth. Take off the top quilt and you’ve got an extra camp blanket to wrap yourself in around the fire. But if you’re snuggling up with loved ones or kiddos and comfort is paramount, the Cloud Layer is as cozy as it gets. But for what you’re getting in this bag, we recommend dropping the cash. ” from someone at The North Face HQ. You can use the 20-degree layer by itself as a camp blanket.

Other factors to consider are your age (people typically don’t sleep as warm the older they get), whether you are a cold or warm sleeper , and whether you’ll be sleeping in a tent or open-air. The Sea to Summit Ascent (men’s) and Altitude sleeping bags are high quality, 2.5 season water-resistant down bags that can be mated together to create a 2 person sleep system. Lightweight, compact and warm are three of the most important attributes in any sleeping bag and the Spark SPIII hits it outta’ the park on each one. Sleeping bags were a once-stagnate outdoor gear category as recently as 10 years ago, with little to choose from besides light, and tight, mummy bags or bulky car camping rectangular sleeping sacks.

Out of all of the Ascent series’s practical assets and exciting features, its low in-class weight might be the most significant. With the long version at just over 2 lbs, the Ascent Ac1 is far from the lightest bag on the market. But in comparison to similar relaxed fit bags in related temperature ranges, it’s near the top of the pack.

The zipper draft tube helped keep out cold breezes but I thought it could be a bit thicker. The Talus TS II also uses 750+ ULTRA-DryDown which helps make the down more water resistant and retain heat better in humid/wet climates. The down vs. synthetic debate is not unique to backpacking sleeping bags.

Finally, storing in the provided storage sack is perfectly acceptable as well. The down is slightly compressed in those storage sacks, but nothing that will cause any damage to the down in your bag. Are you looking for a sleeping bag that gives you more room to stretch? Check out our Lightweight Sleeping Bag Review for some others we’ve tested. There was really only one very small issue I had with the Alpine sleeping bag, and that was that I had one of the push button clasps on the draw string come off when using it.

A half-zip makes it easy to get in and out of but reduces the weight compared to a full zip. There’s no draft tube on the lower half, which cuts weight, but there are also no cold spots, so you won’t miss it. Quilt lovers will hate it though since there’s no option to unzip it completely and stick your feet out. If you hope to use the Spark II across a wide range of temperatures, then you should also plan to be uncomfortable. Its 1/3-length zipper hardly provides the means to vent excess heat on warm nights.

For our female tester, this bag was too roomy in the shoulders and feet to be warm on 35-degree nights. But those specs aside, the Stone Glacier Chilkoot justfeels warmer, lighter, and more well-made than its details suggest. If the price doesn’t scare ya and performance is paramount, check out the Chilkoot.