Mckinnon Camera Pack By Nomatic Review Backpack

He is pretty chill, and admits he really needs to get around to updating his website more often. Much like the Accessory Case, the Filter Case is also constructed from a hardened EVA foam to protect the contents within it. Rather than going for a soft pouch style, Peter McKinnon and Nomatic opted to give it a solid structure to better protect the 6 fragile glass filters .

The Nomatic 35L camera pack is designed to facilitate your photography adventures for up to 5 days. You can comfortably pack your clothing items to last you for that long, and still carry all your essential gear for the photography. The folding dividers are super useful to customize the storage compartments as per your needs. For example, if you have more gears, you can divide the main compartment into 4-7 blocks. This is useful to separate accessories from one another.

Nomatic says that the Camera Sling 8L offers the same high-quality materials and comfort but is sized to carry a much smaller load. The shoulder straps on this bag are as beefy as any straps I have seen. That is a bold statement as we test a lot of bad-ass backpacks here! These generously cushioned straps make carrying heavy gear much easier.

“The number one feature is customization with the cubes, dividers, and the adjustable ladder system giving users unlimited possibilities,” the company claims. He also adds that teaming up with McKinnon immediately gives potential customers a sense of trust. Many of you might expect that price puts the McKinnon Camera Pack 35L as a purely luxury item but for many travelers, certain functionality will justify the cost. You can watch the video above to see more or read on.

Frankly, I’m impressed with how much stuff I can fit in this bag while still being able to store it in a plane compartment with ease. This is the ultimate camera bag for travel and weekend trips. The quality and design are top-notch and made to handle years of plane travel abuse.

The front also has a magnetic inner pocket in which you pack some valuable electronic items. The McKinnon backpack accommodates all this, and how? It is a brilliant design by Peter McKinnon with his friends at Nomatic that works. They have managed to put together a unit in which even the tiniest of accessories like a memory card can be packed in. Apart from the other fact that the other accessories are mostly packed in separate compartments or pouches as the case may be. The importance of the laptop is well known, and there is a unique large compartment for it.

Hopefully this pandemic will end soon and you guys can travel and use your new gear. I’m sure there all laughing all the way to bank with the crazy margins on this made in China product. Last time we gave awaythousands of dollars of gear — never spam.

Although the bag is water-resistant, it doesn’t come with a heavy-duty rain cover. The rain fly needs to be purchased separately and costs another $30. Four long and five short padded folding dividers with strong velcro connectors allow for ultimate customization. Designed to maximize space for your next adventure. No padded camera compartment and limited space inside.