Lunars Comet 35l Water Resistant Travel Bagpack

Each side has a 2×4 tile with a picture depicting the scene. The top round dish piece is all printed and looks pretty good. There are six instruction booklets so you can split up the build as desired. One slight challenge is that the instruction booklets don’t match up with the bag numbers.

Put those traits together, and it could be one treat of a bag; call it a “Lunar Pack,” and it piques interests even more. But why is this 22-liter backpack called the Lunar Pack? The actual capacity at 30 liters seems about right for a weekender-style bag. The problem is that its opening can be a bit limiting, and getting clothes in might require refolding to fit the narrow width. The bag isn’t enormous inside, but there should be room for two pairs of pants, two shirts, Bellroy’s Dopp Kit Plus and other small items.

The Ruckpack comes in two models , which you can choose between by measuring your torso. The men’s model—available in black or blue—is for those with torsos between 17 inches and 21 inches. The women’s model—available in black or reddish orange—fits torsos between 15 inches and 19 inches. This year, REI updated the material it uses on the packs to a recycled, 210-denier ripstop nylon , which should hold up well against wear.

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The Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Pack – Men’s and the slightly smaller Osprey Fairview 55 Travel Pack – Women’s are excellent backpacks—they’re just not quite as comfortable or adjustable as the Ruckpack. As with all of our picks, these bags have stowable straps, and they can be fully unzipped like a suitcase. Like the Ruckpacks, these bags are made from a strong ripstop nylon.

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Check out how the Lunar Solo compares to our other favorite ultralight tents on our Best Ultralight Tents list. DOESN’T COME SEAM-SEALED – The Lunar Solo doesn’t come factory seam-sealed (meaning it’s not fully waterproof) unless you pay a little extra ($35). If you want to save a bit of money, you could always seal the seams yourself with a little bit of Seam Grip. The color of the moon is rarely very tanned, but it is also not gray or white, it is a combination of all of them. Not surprisingly, it looks a lot like the moon’s lunar surface. I can see how this might not be the most exciting color of Bellroy’s offerings, however, I love his relaxed and relaxed attitude.