Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag

If it weren’t for the Canvas tone, this would definitely be a 10/10!! I still love the bag a lot and I think I am ready to sell my auth now. I wanted a bag that was roomy enough for my camera and all my general junk – so that’s where the Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis came in. I love the detail and patterns, and it looks very practical too. I am so glad you found exactly what you were looking for. Interior of the Pochette MétisI absolutely love the structure, organization, and holding capacity of the Pochette Métis.

They would have printed a message on the card if requested. Even though I had some initial doubts about the model, Pochette Metis from Louis Vuitton has taken me by surprise. The design has proven to be exceptionally practical and versatile, and therefore quickly achieved the status of one of the most used styles in my collection.

I had been eyeing this bag for a long time and knew it was one I would use all the time. That being said, I have a Brooklyn made Floto satchel with a fiddly locking mechanism that wants to drive me bananas, but at a cost of $149, I’ll wrestle with that lock. Well, to be honest, none of the pricing of the Louis Vuitton coated canvas items makes any sense to me. To their credit, the Louis Vuitton corporate customer service agent was incredibly helpful. I was given store credit and able to select another bag – something more durable.

I love the look of Louis Vuitton’s untreated leather, but man is it just so finicky. Untreated leather is prone to water stains – meaning you need to check the weather before you venture out with your expensive bag. Canvas itself is inexpensive and the cost of coating it doesn’t exactly add up to luxury pricing either. Even if bags are artfully designed and hand stitched – I’m just not sure I can see where the make and materials of a bag like the Pochette Metis impact the steep price. For example I can easily see how a classic Chanel 2.55 rings in at a high price point – it’s real leather.

So here is where this bag takes a major hit for me, and majority of this is my own fault. If you ask Vlad he will tell you, I am terrible at reading dimensions and then actually visualizing dimensions. Even when I write it down or measure ahead of time, somehow the item always turns into something different than what I thought.

To me, there’s just something special about monogram on a really structured handbag. Our email mentioned that signature was required, but UPS left it in front of our door. I heard a beep sound and then refreshed the tracking and it had said, “Delivered.” The box was a regular non-descript brown box. The labels do not specifically say “Louis Vuitton,” which is great. There was a spot that said, “LVNA” or something along those lines.

In fact, it is nearly impossible to open the bag without having to use both hands, one to hold the handle and the other to support the trunk and operate the rather tricky lock. I cannot speak highly enough of this bag and I can see why it is one of their best sellers. The style is classic and timeless and has proven that it has stood the test of time. You really can’t go wrong with a black bag and the gold hardware is beautifully placed.