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Although the order took a while, they arrived in excellent condition. Unfortunately, two of the girls did not fit their canvas shoes, to which I proceeded to verify with the company what their return policy was. To my surprise and joy all my doubts answered super fast. Both tracking the package when it was late, and when I needed two shoes one size larger.

The items were printed off-center, turned out grainy, and lacked the gloss as ordered. The quick turn around was wonderful and we are happy with the cost. Great Saturday service at the Quick Serve center. I purchased a F450 Super Duty back in February from… I purchased a gorgeous 5280 edition F350 from Hunter… I worked with Logan in service and he was top notch.

What’s nice is that this action can be done with the jaws around a nut or bolt, so the correct size can be zeroed in quickly. If you’re someone who wants total finesse and ease out of your tools (and you’re willing to pay for it), we highly recommend the 10-inch Knipex Cobras with the comfort grips. By every marker , the Cobras excel against the competition. The self-locking mechanism was by far the best that we looked at. A tool of this nature doesn’t come cheap, but the price tag, usually closing in on $45, began to make sense once we got into our hands-on testing. The sales and customer service staff was very helpful.

For something so universal, they actually offer very little when compared to much more versatile adjustable pliers. When I asked Lyman to comment on them, he said, “I never use slip joint pliers, seriously. Never.” He also has fully converted to adjustable pliers. What this means in practical terms is that the adjustment can be made quickly and, if need be, at arm’s length. Once the upper jaw is hooked around a nut, the lower jaw can just slide up to where it’s snug and the tightening/loosening can begin.

He was very helpful, very knowledgeable and really listened to what I wanted. Ask for him…you’ll have a great experience. I purchased a F450 Super Duty back in February from Hunter Keyser. I have purchased several vehicles fro Groove Ford but have never been treated with such honesty and integrity as I have with Hunter. Because of Hunter I will keep purchasing Ford products from Groove as long as Hunter is employed there.

The patterns are adorable and the sizing is correct for US sizing. Shipping took weeks since it comes from China even though the company claims it’s US. Would be 100% satisfied if the shoes weren’t so cheap. Meditation is a regular part of my day, every day. Touring is the most fun job in the world, but at the same time, it’s not particularly healthy so you lose sleep, you get tired, you get stressed.

The Milwaukees were also the only pliers that did not have anti-pinch handles. We also have to note that Knipex sells the Cobras with both ergonomic handles and old-school dipped handles. The non-ergonomic Cobras are priced at about $10 less (around $33) and in all other aspects are identical.

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The Signature Bag ships free with every first order. The scientifically designed plus-sign texture pulls moisture away from surface to allow for consistent traction. The Golf Pride Tour Velvet features a state-of-the-art rubber-blend compound with a non-slip surface pattern for maximum playability and confidence.

Tech who looked at my truck was knowledgable and trouble shot it as fast as he could. I was very pleased .He explained all that had to be done with the door. Yes ,I will be returning there for any repair jobs I might be needing. Chase Jacobsen helped me with a couple of issues I had with my 2018 Tuscany F-150 and did a great job!

I’ve also found adjustable pliers to be a fantastic “fill-in-the-cracks” tool. I’ve worked in such cramped spaces that I’ve had to hold nails with my pliers as I pounded them in. And even though they tend to live in a toolbox, on one occasion, I’ve even fetched them to crank open an incredibly stuck jar of honey. The tickets were delivered quickly and were just as I had designed. The tickets arrived very quickly and are professional looking. I’ve ordered tickets for years, always fast – always on time – always right…