Filson Vs Vermilyea Pelle Briefcases Comparison Review

In person, the 257 definitely feels bigger and bulkier than the 256. It only weighs about three ounces more, but overall it feels like you are carrying around considerably more bag. Whether this is a good or bad thing is entirely subjective.

I’m talking about promotional briefcases with company logos on them. Just, generally, stuff that doesn’t look particularly grown-up or professional. The Cordura nylon on the Dryden looks, well, a lot like Filson’s twill, just with a slightly different texture and a tiny bit more sheen. And it can pull double duty on the weekend, as it’s not too dressed up. In other words, no one’s going to wonder whether you picked this up at a convention booth.

Fantastic bag, but an ill fit for me and my personality on a daily basis. A couple of months ago I picked up a Filson Original Briefcase in otter green — this is a classic briefcase which has been around seemingly forever . My goal was to find a bag which would carry my iPad and a few other things around town — something not a backpack and something not overly techy/tactical/modern.

filson original briefcase review

Hopefully you can get into contact with Dustin, and get some of your questions in this article, answered. The shoulder pad doesn’t need any breaking in from day one. It starts off soft (likely because it’s Chromexcel leather) and the underside surface has more grip than Filson’s. With Filson’s shoulder pad, I have to take sandpaper to the underside to create some grip or else it slips off my shoulder. The snaps are most useful to keep the pockets close to the briefcase for a compact look. It also adds another layer of security in those pockets in case your bag ever completely flips over .

There’s leather detailing all over, and in some places it feels solid, like the attachments for the shoulder strap and at the corners, where there are big patches that will scuff up nicely. But the handle feels like trouble waiting to happen. The one I took to from the start is the Walker; it has a pleasantly sleek, minimal look on the outside, the material a handsome chocolate color that has started to wear well. But open up the flap and you have this lovely blue fine canvas inside (there’s a reverse scheme as well). To me this was the most refined of all the bags in this roundup. I like that there are no snaps, clips or anything visible on the outside — just a wide expanse of that beautiful material.

It may not make sense to you why that patina is so alluring for me, but that patina tells the story of not only that bag, but the person carrying it. It’s my beat up leather bag that says “I’ve found that perfect bag for me” and as the bag wears it is like a notch in the belt telling everyone else how long ago it was that I found this perfection. It’s hard to describe that, but I think each person finds things in their life which may not, on paper or anywhere else, seem to be the ideal — but they feel right. Not really, it’s too fucking heavy — there are lighter bags which are also made for this kind of travel — and yet, after thousands and thousands of dollars spent, GORUCK. I know we mentioned the dimensions earlier in this review but just to emphasize this; the Filson Original Briefcase is a slim bag at only 4 inches deep.

I was debating between getting the navy or black Filson Original Briefcase, but they only had black in stock, and even then it was backordered 1-2 weeks. Sorry, we don’t currently have any of those types of reviews for this product. Rolled edges are a nice touch; they look cleaner than “raw” edges and they help to keep the leather from fraying. It also takes a lot more labor than leaving the edges raw, and if a briefcase costs a thousand bucks like this one, pretty much every guy will assume the edges will at least be rolled. It’s a hugely popular model because it does a great job of straddling the line between rough and functional and, on the other side, streamlined and dressy.

If you need to carry heavy textbooks , then the 257 may be a better choice. I would definitely recommend the 257 for college/graduate students. Hopefully the high prices of these won’t turn you off — watch for sales and you can get even these high-end options at huge discounts (it’s how I’ve been able to afford them myself). If you decide you want to send it in to be evaluated, include your contact information on the package.

It is hard to truly understand how different the two bags feel without handling them in person, but you can get a sense of the size difference in this picture. However as a bag to take to work the cafe, or the bookstore it’s a great option and a striking one. The Flight Bag is a slightly more expansive and unique option. A sturdier, more fixed loop would make this easier. But it’s all in the name of style, and the sleek exterior may make up for these fussy aspects. The bags here are expensive, but like leather the craftsmanship and material quality matter a great deal in whether you end up with an item that deteriorates steadily or comes into its own.