Decade of Protecting the Ocean – Blancpain and PADI look ahead to 2030

Marc A. Hayek, president of Blancpain, said that because of the brand’s nearly 70-year history of the Fifty Fathoms diver’s watch, Blancpain has cultivated not only passion, but also a strong commitment to the ocean.

How to show influence? Sometimes in-depth research is required, sometimes extensive exposure is required. The Swiss watch brand Blancpain has been supporting marine conservation for many years. Recently, at the 9th World Ocean Summit held by The Economist magazine, the brand announced that it will cooperate with The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) entered into a partnership with a clear long-term goal based on 2030.

PADI is the world’s largest professional diving association, currently has 6,600 diving centers and resorts around the world, and nearly 130,000 professional members. One of the key points of Blancpain’s cooperation with PADI this time is the Adopt the Blue™ project: including 6,600 PADI diving centers and resorts will participate in the development and establishment of marine protected areas (MPAs) as the main purpose, hoping to reach 2030 At the time, 30% of the world’s ocean area was protected; the second focus was the establishment of the Blancpain/PADI Community Grant (PADI Community Grant), hoping to promote the conservation work of local communities, and in marine conservation and support for indigenous groups. Achieving the best of both worlds.

Marc A. Hayek, president of Blancpain, said: As the brand’s Fifty Fathoms diving watch has nearly 70 years of history, Blancpain has cultivated not only passion, but also a firm commitment to the ocean. “We are proud of the results of our global efforts to protect the oceans, and we are excited to work with PADI and its diver community to bring about more positive change.”

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