Cuyana Triple Zipper Overnight Bag Review Chic Everywhere

The Baggu Duck Bag has two handles for you to hold it a few different ways, but be careful not to carry anything pointy inside that might stick out and poke you in the ribs. Here at T&C, we pride ourselves on our discerning eye for quality. With Tried & True, our editors will give you an inside look at the pieces they simply cannot live without. You cannot exchange items unless they are defective or damaged. If you have a product that you feel has a defect, Cuyana offers a 2-year warranty on all orders.

The handles are wider and longer than a traditional top handle bag. Their approach to fashion is all about having fewer, better things, and their minimalist vibe is very much in line with my own personal style. Fast Company’sRecommendersection is dedicated to surfacing innovative products, services, and brands that are changing how we live and work. Bought 3 bags from this brand as a gift for a friend.

I hesitated on the system tote because I think it’s a little casual, but I’ve been curious. I have their discontinued work satchel and it’s a little formal, lol. I saw they had a new tote option and figured it was worth a shot!

I had been eyeing Cuyana’s Oversized Carryall Tote online, and seeing it in person sold me. It’s big enough to fit my laptop, extra shoes, and gym clothes, and has enough room left over for last night’s leftovers. It even has a removable strap if I want to free my hands and wear it like a cross-body bag, which puts a lot less stress on my shoulder.

Once I put something in there, I won’t be able to find it until the next day. The Patagonia Market Tote felt too much like a free printed tote, even though it offered a small inside pocket for added storage. It was cute but not comparable to its competition, and not worth its $30 asking price. But if this is something you’re looking for, it’s otherwise fine. Our testers rated the bags on look, feel, size, weight, usefulness, material, and durability.

I order these directly from their website and shipping is usually very fast. With classic lines, beautiful materials, and a neutral color palette, their pieces are perfect for the minimalist wardrobe. When the pandemic does, eventually, come to an end, we’re still unlikely to return to the regularity of a nine-to-five day in our workplaces.

Testers were confounded by this bag’s nylon material and the brass grommets on its bottom . I think the Steele Canvas looks chic, and though it may not be as useful as the L.L.Bean, it deserves credit for being a great beach bag. The simply designed Leatherology Uptown is enveloped in a rich, full-grain leather and has a surprising number of pockets inside. A higher-end canvas tote, Filson’s Rugged Twill is lightweight, well constructed, and equipped with leather handles and an excellent warranty.

Given that the pandemic appears here to stay, unpredictability is the new normal. And thankfully, Cuyana has designed its new System Tote to make our lives easier during this time and beyond. I love the makeup pouches myself and they also make great gifts. I’ve had my Cuyana tote since 2015 and it’s holding up well up until now – sooo worth the purchase.