Céline Nano Luggage Bag In Black

I can fit an iPad, camera, cellphone, huge wallet, and some more things. I don’t stuff it too much though as I’m afraid that the base could lose its shape in time because of the soft leather. Also, since the leather is smooth and soft inside, I suggest not to put sharp objects inside the bag. In fact, even keys can leave a mark so I suggest to put items with sharp edges inside a pouch. There’s also an interior pocket, but that’s also a bit too small for me.

I also recommend hitting the bar at the Four Seasons George V for a celebratory cocktail. You can walk into any Celine boutique in the world and buy one today or even shop onlineand have it delivered to you. Knowing that we had a trip to Paris planned for my birthday—and that the bag I wanted was 1500 Euros in the EU versus $1950 in the US—I hatched a plan. Now, don’t fly to Europe just to buy a bag—that’s crazy, not to mention environmentally irresponsible and, at the moment, not even possible. BUT if you are planning a trip and have a luxury item on your wishlist, do your research because you may be able to treat yourself to the ultimate souvenir. As time went over, people started to see Phoebe’s vision and embraced this design.

If I love a bag regardless if everyone hates it or if everyone loves it then it’s the one for me. I think if you are a handbag lover, then this bag is great to have in your collection not only for its unique design but also because it’s actually a very functional bag. I just don’t understand why these bags can’t come with adjustable straps. Anyways, to solve this strap problem, I actually purchased an adjustable strap from Kate Spade and have been using it with the nano.

I’m really on the fence about it, but since I didn’t love it from the beginning I’m thinking I won’t miss it now that I’ve returned it. This would be a great work bag for those who only want to carry one bag (my 13″ laptop easily fit in the bag). But I already have a work bag and I carry a separate personal handbag for my daily needs, so this bucket bag is a bit large for my daily use. However hindsight is 20/20 and what I really should have done was sell one of my Chanel bags and kept this one. Ah well, sometimes there’s just a bag that gets away.

This compartment is secured with a zip, making the bag very secure to use in a busy city or on public transport. When placed down, the Nano Luggage Bag has enough structure remain standing up-right and the leather base of the bag is protected by four metal studs. Overall, I think that it is a cleverly designed bag with an enduring appeal.

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Also people tend to be bothered by the fact that this bag is ubiquitous. I completely understand why that might bother some people. At the end of the day, we all want to be unique. However, for me, it has always been about whether I like the bag and not what everyone else is doing.