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My name is Tamara and I have loved fashion ever since I was a little girl. I’ve worked in fashion for over 28 years, including owning a highly successful dress agency for 20 years. I wanted to continue my love of fashion and eco sustainability… Armcandy Bag Co. is a safe and friendly place to buy and sell luxury preowned bags, helping both the pocket and the environment.

Made from pure PVC, this tag attaches easily to all of your Beis luggage or bags in a Beige, Black, or Green option. The Luggage Strap Set provides you with that extra level of security on your travels. Coming in a multi-purpose clear pouch, these straps keep your bags closed during your flight or train ride. The 26″ Luggage Cover is meant to protect your Beis luggage from scratches and damage due to rough travel.

The less known models should be brought in their authentic form to retain their original build and design. On the other hand, however, I would never buy an authentic GEORGES or NEVERFULL due to well-made replicas. They encompass all the features of the original make. As a plus point, it is tough to tell the difference between the original and a well-made replica.

I’m not going to lie, I was very scared to purchase and risk being scammed. However, my purse arrived and was AMAZING, and I will 100% order many more. The only downside is that a the first few purses I wanted to order that were on the website hadn’t been made in a long time, so the website isn’t up to date with products available.

So I can lodge a complaint my self, as this is absolutely annoying and frustrating and really getting on my nerves. Easy to navigate and it has a wide variety of items to choose from. Your feedback helps us to maintain and improve our services.

We routinely remove inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. Tina Craig is a pioneer in the digital space, having launched one of the first fashion blogs, BagSnob, in 2005. With a rich media background and television host experience behind her, Tina amassed a global audience of luxury oriented readers.

Ella is an amazing seller and she is very professional. The process is very easy and I would highly recommend them to anyone. I’m Victoria and welcome to One More Bag Blog – a place where I share and review my collection of luxury designer bags.

Quality of bags, prices and the customer service. This company is legit, they want you to be happy with your purchases, and will refund if you don’t like it. One site was a scam, never got item, and they pretended it was being shipped and everything – even gave me a tracking #, then disappeared. This is the only company I trust now, I’m in USA.

Ltd is an expert fashion bag supplier that partners with designers, retailers, distributors and importers around the world. Find news about our bags, a peek behind the scenes and interviews with photographers. A Billingham isn’t about nostalgia or tradition and it is much more than just a desirable object. It is about wanting and expecting the best protection for your camera and equipment, giving you comfort and peace of mind.