3 Photographers Test Brevites New Camera Backpack

Material – Quality soft material but it is prone to pilling. As I have stated in the beginning, I have purchased this bag second-hand and I can already see the material pilling on the lower back area. Also because of the type of fabric the bag utilizes, it seems to collect dust. Maybe I need to keep this bag inside my closet to help to minimize contact with dust. I love the look of the PRVKE, it’s just a shame it’s quite heavy, even with all of the straps. I have the bag in Boulder Tan and it’s always getting stained.

By introducing amazing products like The Jumper, Brevite was able to give back to communities in need last year. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. I feel like you’d have the same comfort/fit issues that you do with the Prvke.

For the last six years, Brevitē has been making beloved backpacks—and they have the 1,500+ five-star reviews to prove it. Throughout building the company their ethos of sustainability, kindness, and the quality of the products themselves has reigned true. Sternum Strap & Hip Belt – Brevite Jumper does not include either. I understand when someone states that neither is needed as this is only a 20L everyday backpack. I’m not talking about a beefy 3″ padded hip belt that is weight-bearing.

The front organizational pocket is designed to hold all the necessities and sits atop a padded camera compartment perfectly fitted to hold gear. To get into the bag, there is a quick access pocket that you can unzip. To get into the main pocket of the backpack, you’ll have to use the zipper in the back of the bag, near to where your back would be.

If you’re a photographer that’s always on the go, you need a bag that will safely and conveniently store your camera kit wherever you take it. Thankfully, that’s where the Brevitē Jumper Photo Backpack comes in. If you are looking for a simple but stylish bag to carry your kit, then the Jumper is a great solution – and at a reasonable price too. This is excellent value for money for a bag with such simple but well-considered design.

The zippers feel solid and open and close with ease. The laptop space also has weather-sealed zippers for extra protection. I recently picked up an older style Brevite Jumper Photo. Regardless, this backpack went through few revisions in that time so the one I purchased could be many generations old, or not. I also do my best to support the planet by purchasing used gear whenever possible. The water bottle holder is easy to access, the compartments make for easy organization, and the main compartment is roomy.

It’s also confusing for others to open if they don’t know how the bag works, which discourages theft. I was flagged going through TSA after my trip to Austin because I had a mug in it. I ended up having to show the TSA agent how to open the bag because they couldn’t figure out how to get into the main compartment.

brevite jumper review

I also have a large Heroclip attached to my Brevitē bag so that I can hang it up while taking photos instead of leaving it on the ground. The Heroclip hooks onto tree branches when I am outdoors. By the end of 2021, Brevitē committed to incorporating recycled materials in all their products. Comes with a laptop compartment and can fit up to a 16″ laptop.

One thing I kept reading is that this bag was really comfortable, which is absolute garbage. But if you have anything in it it is not made for all day wear. I found this bag extremely uncomfortable after less than an hour of walking around. With that, the velcro and that compartment also royally sucks and falls apart constantly.